Canon S90, G11: Support HDR?

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Re: Canon S90, G11: Support HDR?

Previous replies addressed the concept of exposure bracketing, which is one way to get different exposures for HDR. The easiest approach is to take one shot in RAW, then open the RAW file and save multiple versions of that one shot after adjusting the exposure in Photoshop. Unlike JPEG, an exposure adjustment in RAW is essentially the same as if you had done it with the camera, so you can do 'exposure bracketing' in Photoshop rather than with the camera. Then combine the multiple exposures in Photoshop, mask off the appropriate areas, and you have an HDR image.

And yes, both the G11 and S90 support RAW.

MortyEU wrote:

Dear all,

This may be a basic question, I don't know...

I saw a photographer take "HDR" photos by mounting a EOS on a tripod, and have the camera take multiple photos in sequence. These photos are then 'combined' using Photoshop or something similar.

Does the G11 support "HDR" shooting? Does the S90?


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