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Re: All in one cameras will dominate

Are you suggesting to use point and shoot type of digital camera for video instead of dedicated video cameras or D-SLR?

elenauk wrote:

I used to have to carry a SLR camera +heavy lenses and a digital video camera + lots of batteries for both at weddings

Now I'm surprised at the quality of video on cameras. I have a Panasonic FZ28/38 & Canon sx110 and a 5D Mark I

I will definitely continue to use my FZ38 for video rather than a video camera, because the all in one solution is:
Still photos are way better on cameras then on video cameras
less to carry.
same lenses for both
low light use is improved alot on new cameras
1 set of rechargeable batteries to buy
longer battery life with the lithium batteries in my camera

only need to buy 1 type of memory card which is interchangeable with other cameras
dont need a massive camera bag anymore

you can get a camera into events, clubs, concerts etc easier than something which looks obviously like a video camera

its great for taking fun video shots of friends when they think youre just taking a picture
its quick & easy to go from pics to video & vice versa

you can get stills from video (quality is improving) on the computer, so if the action is too fast, you can video & pick up the missing shotsfrom video stills later (the FZ28 had a feature where you can save stills from video in camera)

I see no reason, to go back to carrying 2 gadjets for day to day use. And I'm more likely to carry lighter equipment. Amateur photographars & point & shoot usrs are loving the multi-functionally & its easy to load up to youtube. Its clear that people prefer multifunctional gadgets from the mobile phone market. But they probably need to develop designs of cameras & viewfinders to assist in using the video features. Possibly detachable multi-angled viewfinders , will be the way forward possibly using live view or video/av out. Chest tripods may help with the slr cameras. I also feel less intimidated in front of a camera than a video camera.

I've used mine to film at international family reunions & Ive been able to show my grandfather sending messages to all the family at home who couldnt make the journey. Not to mention people easily whipping out video enabled camera devices & filming world events unfolding even with pocket size devices. I doubt if they could discretely pull out an obvious looking video camera

I found that if my pics looked juddery on my pc, it was only because I was using a low processing speed & memory laptop to view, ie 500mb ram & 1GHz. In fact the videos often couldn't start to play at all

-On my 2GB ram 2GHZ vista PC, there is barely noticeable jitter & videos play ok. However on my 2GB Macbook they play without juttering & they have very easy to use editing software, so if you know someone with a mac, copy it onto their hard drive (i noticed its slower to read files from memory cards or windows formatted external drives). You'll probably finds it speeds through. If I had a 5D Mark II , I'd get a mac to edit its large files. Windows has too many background processes running to handle large files smoothly (IMHO).

In addition I love the look of the bokeh etc on DSLR video. I imagine it will inspire a whole generation of videographers.

Embrace the future


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