Why m4/3 is better for serious photographers?

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DO you have a clue?

Apparently not...

Well sure, some photographers need those big cameras for their work, that is not the question here... If you are to shoot commercial stuff for a glitted magazine you are not going to be very happy with a small sensor d3x or even smaller camera, because the customer want's another quality... If you are a pro sports photographer shooting ice-hokey from front row, you won't be very happy with a hasselblad or anything but a super fast action camera...

If you are NOT on an assignment however, or not a pro with those above jobs, having a small camera that you can have with you will beat a hasselblad hands down!

Now these small cameras are again a matter of taste. Which compromise do you like better... µ4/3 have slightly lower IQ, noticeable if you regularly print large posters, or enjoy looking at a small portion of your photo on screen in pixel level zoom... The E-P1 (and GF1) does have a different way of framing... The E-Px cameras have slower AF than the DSLRs... They are however less than half size and half weight... If you are out walking much, that may be a very good reason to get one... If you have other stuff with you and don't want to carry a photobag over your shoulder aswell as your laptop bag what not, this difference is immensely important, as it is the difference between getting a picture or not getting any!

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