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Re: Exposures longer than 30 secs

a. You almost certainly don't want to do 30+ second waterfall exposures. I'm not ruling it out, but more typically perhaps a quarter second to a couple seconds is better for waterfalls.

b. I do a lot of night photography, where exposures are often many minutes long. Sometimes I set the ISO as high as it can go, open up to the largest aperture, and let the camera determine a starting exposure. The shot will typically be correct or close enough that I can calculate the necessary adjustment via the histogram - but it will, of course, look awful at the highest ISO. However, it is a simple matter to work backward from here to the ideal ISO and aperture based on the metered settings.


G Tom wrote:

A lot of light meters will also let you know what shutter speed to use if you're working with exposures longer than 30 seconds. You know, the maximum that Canon bodies will calculate? Pretty useful for blurring waterfalls or whatnot.

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