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Jacob Fisker Copenhagen Denmark Forum Member • Posts: 96
Leave us alone, anti-tech-freaks !

I am sick of people on this forum, always trying to tell everyone who is interested in a new camera model or an upcoming piece of glass, to just go with the old/current model and start shooting and be happy.

We know that many of you share this opinion, but, why do you have to interfere with threads called "d700s rumors" etc?? These threads are read by people who are interested in buying the upcoming models (and we are numerous) - why is it so satisfying to tell us how stupid we are ?

I can certainly wait a few month longer for my d700s now that I've been shooting with my d70 for five long years - does this make me stupid? I would say on the the contrary!

It is not per se stupid to be willing to wait for an upcoming model and not be interested in buying a product thats at the end of its lifespan, even though d-SLRs have short lifespans. Please stop trying to convince everyone to feel the same way about this issue as you do - FINE - if you feel like buying a d700 right now - go ahead - so would I if I really needed it, but, PLEEEASE stop interfering in all OUR threads with your comments that we've all heard so many times before, when ever a new camera model or lens is expected.

Personally I'm waiting impatiently for Nikons d700s and I'm very interested in any threads and rumors on this topic, so don't tell me and the other half of the members on this forum, not to be.

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