No new announcements from Canon today!

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Re: No new announcements from Canon today! But 60D coming.


You are correct. My mistake. APS-C (1.6 cropped sensor) not full frame.

There is a Canon seminar this weekend at a local camera store. I will ask again.


Topaz wrote:

Len_Gee wrote:

See this:

Len, when you said "A reliable source said Canon will announce a budget 60D full frame camera in the next couple of days. " I assumed you were joking since it was so ridiculous.

The idea that any manufacturer, at this point, would deliver a "budget" full frame sensor is hard to fathom (the sensors are still expensive). And the idea that Canon would start to put full frame sensors into the xxD line was also odd.

Thanks for the link - now I see where you got the idea, at least partially, but you misunderstood the article. "APS-C" is the name of the format for crop sensors, not full frame sensors.

I also would not call the pricing "budget" when Canon continues to sell two Rebel models that are cheaper.

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