Which DSLR? Advice Needed...

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Which DSLR? Advice Needed...


I've been a longtime reader/fan of these forums and the DP Review site... Up to this point, I've been a user of both compact (point & shoot) and prosumer cameras. I've recently decided to get more serious about photography (as a hobby, not a profession) and want to take the plunge and purchase a DSLR camera.

I've read lots of reviews, looked at sample images, been on multiple sites, and I have to say, I'm at a bit of a loss. There are so many factors to consider - not just the camera itself, but lenses, tripods, storage media, cases, and so on...

Right now, I feel I'm like on information overload, and so I thought I would ask the good people of this forum for their recommendations...

I'm looking for a good entry-level DSLR. Originally, I was leaning towards the EOS T2i/550D, but I'm wondering if it's overkill for my needs. I like the HD movie mode, the enhanced live-view, and the fantastic LCD display. However, I wonder how important these options are in the grand scheme of things, since I have never owned a DSLR before. Especially when I could pick up an EOS XS/1000D for half the price. I wonder how practical it is to shoot movies on a DSLR, and whether or not I would be better saving the money and buying a cheap portable 1080p digital camcorder for under $200?

Also, what about lenses? Should I go with the kit lens, even though some people say it's "slow" and "cheap"? Is it better to stick with Canon lenses or go with a third party lense from Sigma, or similar?

I'm going to be using the camera for when I travel - so size and weight are conseiderations. I typically like to take pictures of "things" rather than people - landscapes, buildings, monements, things that catch my eye, etc. However, I will of course take pics of people from time to time. Additionally, I love to take night shots, especially without flash if possible. I'm also going to use the camera in conjunction with my Mac, so that may be a consideration from a software standpoint.

I've looked at the following cameras so far:

  • Nikon D3000

  • Nikon D5000

  • Canon EOS Rebel XS / 1000D

  • Canon EOS Rebel XSi / 450D

  • Canon EOS Rebel T1i / 500D

  • Canon EOS Rebel T2i / 550D

Finally, should i make the jump to a DSLR or are there prosumer cameras I should consider? What about those using the 4/3 interchangable lens system like the Lumix GF1?

Sorry for so many questions... I'm just thinking out loud

I'd really appreciate as much help/advice as possible. If you need more info, please feel free to ask.

By the way, my previous cameras include:

  • Canon S20

  • Canon G2

  • Canon SD500

  • Canon SD700 IS

Of those, by far my favorite was the G2. I regret ever selling it

I welcome any feedback, advice and recommendations...

Thanks and regards,

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