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Re: Be careful of the 1D(s) series

sparkling elk wrote:

James A. wrote:

I had a Canon 30D then a Canon 5d. After doing several events I was wanting better results in terms of performance. So I jumped on a used 1D Mark III.

how would yourself compare the IQ between your 5D1 and 1D3?

In terms of HIGH ISO, the 1D3 has an edge over the 5D. Color and Highlights also seem a little better on the Mark III.

So I played with the settings, read up on some AF tips, learned how to operate the camera better and I can honestly say I'm really quite impressed with the Mark III now.

Same to me. Years ago –using apsc- i reflected a lot about „going FF“. Then i saw the IQ of the 1D3 in many photos I downloaded and today i have to say that i miss nothing concerning IQ. In fact, the 1D3 has a slightly better IQ and much much better performance than the 5D1 (which is FF). Combined with some top lenses you dont want nothing else no more. WA works very ok (to me) with the 1635L, it covers 20-45mm. For whom its not enough WA, a FF sensor would be better. The 1.26 magnification is very ok, you just have to rethink about certain lenses and find your perfect collection, escpecially with primes. But there is enough choice in the Canon EF collection. This is a golden time to get a 1D3 for a very good price! I made the same experiences than you concerning usage and efficiency of the AF: after having set it up, it worked damned good the whole last summer at several occasions (including sport stuff), including tracking mode in high burst mode. And my body was produced in autumn 2007. I am so happy that i would be ready to choose a 1D4 as 2nd body (instead of any top FF model) the next years.
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