My A850 doesn't recognise my Sony lenses any more

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Bruce Oudekerk
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Re: I will only replace lenses with POWER OFF, that's for sure ! nt

I'm very glad you have your camera back in working order:)

I still find this whole situation scary. Its an imperfect world and I fit right in. I try to turn the camera off as a matter of habit...but I still fail to do so more often than I care to admit. I'm wondering if we should start a new thread to find out if this ‘fuse blowing thing’ is prevalent. I suspect it isn't because I havn't heard of this before. I also suspect that everyone else occasionally forgets to turn the camera off, just like me, and is getting away with it also.

So the issue is, was this really a ‘forgot to turn the camera off’ or ‘ I have a defective lens’ or ‘I have an ill-speced non-OEM lens’ or ‘ I have a bad lens AND I forgot to turn the power off.’ or ‘I had marginal fuses in my camera’. I find it hard to believe that you are the only one to have this situation with turning it off or own these same non-OEM lenses. So that probably means it IS or WAS a defective something.

I just bought my first non-OEM lens. It’s a brand new Tokina 19-35 (nice lens BTW) that I think stopped production about 3 years ago and I located a new one about 5000 miles from my house. LOL Of course what is running through my mind is, “Is this purchase going to spring up and bite me in the rear end?” or worse yet…kill my a850. It would be great, for not only you, but all of us to know the real story.


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