Using a nIkon SB-600 flash as a strobe.....

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Re: Using a nIkon SB-600 flash as a strobe.....

I appreciate the feedback.

To be more detailed here is where I am at......

I made the mistake of spending a couple hundred on a small continuous lighting setup at calumet about a year ago......

Aside from the usual problems that CL's bring (heat being a main one) I am also having a major issue white balancing properly with ambient lighting...these suckers also get hotter then haiti even if they are only left on for about 10 minutes. The bulbs are actually melting!

Having to turn them off and turn them on is a pain, however the biggest issue is that the light temp changes as they heat up.......following up white balance throughout the shoot.

all of this is probably obvious results of CL. I am just not that experienced using them.

At any rate a few people have told me to just use my SB-600 off cameras like a strobe and if I liked the results I should get a second one and voila I have a nice compact studio setup for family shots and such.

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