E-PL1 + Panasonic stabilizer lens + Oly Stablizer: It WORKS

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Re: OIS IBIS compared..

Melbourne Park wrote:

I'm dubious the E-PL1 would improve either stability system working alone. Could you post three distance hand held pictures, with the IBIS on and lens off, the lens on and IBIS off, and both on? That would be great to see!

EP-2 standard jpeg no PP
Lumix 45-200 @ 200 (400mm)

2 Sets of a rooftop .. bear in mind my steadiness would have varied shot to shot
so this is comparo is not definitive.
A far larger sample size is needed.

When OIS and IBIS are ON OIS takes over because the Image in the LCD is steady NOT so with OIS off and IBIS on

Seems both can be on,OIS dominating by design interface and logic in the Oly body.

The EP-2 body is just superb easy to use and great in the hands with settings at easy reach, despite no focus lamp or flash and slower AF its still a great choice for Oly and Pany lenses Legacy too plus the superb EVF which is just amazing.

The Pen look makes it unobtrusive you could be a snapshooter Paparazzi in disguise

Full size here

Set 1






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