Dilemma - upgrade to D90 or D300s

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Re: Dilemma - upgrade to D90 or D300s

Hi, I went through D60, D90 and ended up with a D300s. Here are a few differences I have found:

1. Build is better, I dropped my D90, and the house split. The D300s is heavy, but I do not have to worry, I tend to bring it often and travel a lot.

2. The handling is slightly better, I like the 51 points, gives me freedom of composition. The selection is slower than 11 points for me, but the responsivness of the AF, and camera in general, is impressive.

3. The D300s is heavy, though I find I am not missing the vertical grip I often attached on the D90. So this is apples and oranges, and bit of a dead run.

4. I thought the framerate of the D90 was fine, for sports and kids, the D300s is simply better, and I find this difference to big. I do not use this feature ofte, but when I do I Get more keepers, and a lot more to go trough and discard.

5. There is no green position on dial, in fact there is no dial. This is fine with me, but it sometimes discurages the rest of the family from using it. In fact there is a learning curve going from D90 to D300(s). If you do not mind or like that challenge, like I do, fine! If not be aware of the complexity of a semi-pro body. This also means a high level of flexibility.

6. The picture quality is supposed to be equal in the D90 and D300(s), in fact some claim the D90 is sligthly better. To me they are equal, and quite usable @ 1600 ISO which is important for me. The two smaller bodys I have owned the D60 & D3000 were not as good @1600. Noise removal in pp was required.

7. Screen and viewfinder is equal, and quite superior to the 230k screens. This is a big dreal to me.

8. The D300 commands a little more respect in this materalistic world we live in. "Are you a photographer?" is a question I often Get. If you take on assignments this is nice. Stick on a vertical grip and a SB 900 speedlight and you are easily mistaken as someone from the newspaper. This is fine sometimes, when I do take on assignments. But often I miss the inconspicous side of the smaller bodys. A D3000 with a D90 sensor would be brilliant.

To sum up: the D90 is probably the best choice for most people. But better glass is allways a much better investment!

If you need the speed, ruggedness, high level of customization or other features of the D300(s) then it is a camera for you. The picture quality is the same.

Hope this helps.

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