Sigma 12-24 on 7D (or any Canon crop for that matter)

Started Feb 23, 2010 | Discussions thread
ShawnCo Senior Member • Posts: 1,356

I have the 12-24 and have used it on my 1.6 crop bodies as well as my 5D/5DmkII and it delivers well.

On the FF bodies you may notice the corners being a little soft but not near as much on the crop bodies.

In addition, there is very llittle distortion from this lense at the wide end. And 12mm is significantly wiider that 17mm. The different is significantly more noticable than going from say 50mm to 55mm.

The lense isn't perfect but I really do enjoy my copy. The build quality is much better than I though it would be and the focus motor (this is an HSM lense - sigma's version of Canon's USM). Because the front element is "out there" - literally, you may need to be aware of where your light source is. If the sun is at your 12 o'clock you will likley get some flare. You really do need to get to know the lense.

For 1/2 price, I say go for it. Even if you find you don't like it you should be able to resell it for at least that price.

I'll try to dig up a couple of pics to share.

jrarsenault wrote:

I don't have the 12-24 but I do have the Sigma 10-20. I can tell you that the difference between 12 mm and 17 mm is huge. So is the difference between 10 mm and 12 mm.

If you can get this lens at 1/2 the price, then I would jump at the chance. This is a phenomenal lens on a full frame if you ever go that route in the future. The field of view will not be as spectacular on a crop, but it is still a great lens.

slr_SoFL wrote:

I was wondering peoples thoughts of this lens on a crop camera. I may have access to a 1/2 price copy...

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