Nonsense in D3S review conclusion.

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Re: Nonsense in D3S review conclusion.

Barney Britton wrote:

Stepanfo wrote:

Barnaby Britton wrote:

Conclusion - Pros: Unmatched image quality at high ISO settings. Incredibly efficient sensor. A new benchma rk.

Conclusion - Cons: Doesn't answer the main criticism of the D3 - 12MP was considered a fairly low resolution in 2007.

These things no not make sense at all. High ISO capabilities are closely related to lower resolution. If camera has good high ISO caopabilities THANKS TO lower resolution, and reviewer likes it, he cannot dislike the lower resolution in the same time.

It is logically inconsistent.

I also protest against "the main criticism of the D3 - 12MP was considered a fairly low resolution in 2007". I did not notice any mass complaining, and if someone missed high resolution camera, he now has D3x.

D3s is sports and reportage camera with welcomed practical high iso image quality, resolution is not priority of this camera. It makes no sense to complain that it does not have higher resolution.

For these two reasons I am asking the cons I mentioned to be removed.

Is it inconsistent? It's true that some eyebrows were raised at a 12MP full-frame sensor in 2007 (I was at the D3's launch in Tokyo at the time and I noticed them being raised, and I made sure to write a little note: 'eyebrows raised' on my jotter) but one of the benefits of the relatively conservative pixel count is better higher ISO performance.

How is it inconsistent to voice both sides of the argument?

It necessarily tacks a "con" onto the camera. Nikon can't win - if they up the megapixel count, there's a "con" for higher ISO noise, if they put out a great high ISO camera, they'll get a "con" for low resolution.

To be consistent from now on, you'll have to put a "con" on every camera review, for either low resolution, or higher ISO noise.

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