7D (with 15-85) or 50D (with 17-55) ?

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7D (with 15-85) or 50D (with 17-55) ?


currently I am using an EOS 450D with EF-S 18-55 IS, EF-S 55-250 IS and an EF 50 1,8 II lens. It is not a bad combination, but

I am looking for an lens upgrade like the EF-S 17-55 2.8 or equal and would not be happy with such a lens on a small EOS xxx Body.

Also I want a bigger viewfinder, faster AF-response, easier handling and more display resolution.

A few days ago I held the EOS 5DMkII, 7D and 50D in my hands.

I liked the viewfinder of the 5D most, but the 7D comes close. I also liked the button orientation of the 7D. If money would not be the problem I would go for the 5DMkII combined with the EF 24-105 L 4 before the 7D combined with EF-S 17-55.

At the moment I am not interessted in taking movies, but could be a nice feature to have some day.

I guess that the 17-55 2.8 is one of the best lens avaliable for aps-c bodies but the new 15-85 usm should also come close, although it does not have such a constant aperture. Aside I am very pleased of the 'L' quality of the 24-105, although it has a little wide-angle restriction on crop sensors. My ideal lens would be an EF-S 15-85 L 2.8 IS

Well, looking at the prices the invests are

  • 50D + 17-55 for about....1500 €

  • 7D + 15-85 for about......1800 €

  • 7D + 17-55 for about......2000 €

  • 5DII + 24-105 for about..2500 €

Target is 1500€, end of the line at 2000€.
What would you choose/do?


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