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Re: Barney, I gotta be honest with you...

ultimitsu wrote:

Guy Swarbrick wrote:

ultimitsu wrote:

am I wrong in suggesting these shooters want more reach?

As a generalization, yes. The longest lens I own is a 70-200 and I very rarely need more (if I do the 1.7TC does just fine). At some venues the 24-70 is as long as I need. Not all sports are played on 100 yard long fields.

good for you

Not particularly. It is what it is.

but i dont think guys (have no need for more than 200mm) like you would make up over 50% of pro body market

Really? I'd bet good money that we do - but how relevant stats for 'the pro body market' generally are to a camera designed for

sports and PJ shooters.

is hard to say. There are a lot of indoor sports and a lot of specialist sports shooters. (You can usually spot the agency guys at cycling events - they're the ones trying to find spots far enough away from the action to use the 400mm lens they always use. Or trying to work out where to leave them when they've been offered a seat on the back of a motorbike).

Most of the PJs I know shoot relatively wide most of the time.

The point is that your suggestion that sports shooters want more reach is true of some of them, but by no means all. It's probably more accurate than Barney's assumptions that all D3s customers want more resolution and that video is nice to have for everyone, to be fair, but it isn't a given.

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