student seeking canon advice

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student seeking canon advice

First of, my apologies for what I am sure is a redundant question. However with a little advice I can get shooting straight away and hopefully become part of this photography community.

I am a student who is going to begin courses in Photography with in this year. A digital SLR is required I have began to seriously think of photography as a career. I will be trying out many different styles and disciplines, photojournalism, fine art, portrait, commercial and weddings. With my main focus being in Photojournalism specifically Sports, Football and Mixed Martial Arts. I will be looking for a camera which would fit into a students budget with the quality of pictures that I could

a) Submit to the local Newspapers and magazines

b) Photograph some local high school football games and sell prints from my website
c) Be able to handle private modeling..etc

d) Not be too totally confusing me as it will be a learn as I go type of venture and I would like to have started on my portfolio before I start school.

I am a student so I don't have the megabucks but I have thought about this seriously enough to empty out my wallet for.

I have been looking at these various models

[URL=" "]Canon EOS Rebel T1i[ URL]

[URL=" ;lst"]Canon EOS 40D (w/ 28mm-135mm lens)[ URL]
and the Canon XTi and XSi digital rebels

However I am quite lost, please help! Any of your expertise and advice will be greatly appreciated,

I apologize once again for a question that I am sure is asked and answered every day, please see it inside of you to help out this eager student!


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