7D Focusing Resolved by Canon

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7D Focusing Resolved by Canon

Upon receipt of my 7D , I quickly began testing all camera functions like I normally do when I purchase a new camera body to insure that the camera is working properly while still under Canon warranty.

In my testing using the following Canon lens EF 24-105 mm f/4 L IS and

EF 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS I discovered that a good percentage of photo's taken with this camera were on the soft side not sharp and crisp. Images where viewed as originals and then cropped at 100%.

I tested the camera in all metering modes as well as in all available camera focusing modes , including experimenting with the micro adjustment function within the camera and various camera shooting settings. FYI - my EF 24-105 mm f/4 L IS lens was calibrated by Canon prior to my 7D purchase. This confirmed to me that the focusing issue was within the 7D body and not the lens. I have used this lens on my 5D Mark II and it consistently produces extremely crisp images.

I did find some improvement using the micro adjustment function but it was not consistent. After further testing I decided to send the camera to Canon for servicing.

I received the camera back from Canon about a week ago, the end result was that Canon confirmed that my 7D did indeed have a focusing issue. As a result the entire sensor assembly was replaced with a brand new one.

Results from testing the camera with the new sensor assembly and the same Canon EF 24-105 mm f/4 L IS lens have been outstanding , happy to report that the Camera's focusing is now spot on.
All images are extremely sharp with no image detail lost even cropped at 100%.

I am very pleased with Canon's service on this matter and that I decided to send the camera to Canon to resolve this issue.

Vino Vino

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