Wide Angle Dilemma

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Wide Angle Dilemma

Hi all

Planning a trip to Japan soon mostly to beautiful Kyoto, and hopefully cherry blossom time at the temples and gardens!

I will be taking my GH1 with 14-140, and also the 20mm I picked up. But it seems to me that a wide angle would be very useful for this trip. I'm a P&S upgrader - so not even a good amateur. I also went with mft for size/weight reasons as much as any other factor due to my light travelling style. A wide angle would complete (or mostly complete) my desired ranges.

Having monitored this forum and a few other places over time, it seems my choices are:

1. Pana 7-14. Great reviews, but pricey and not especially small, and no filter capability. I COULD perhaps buy this in Japan - seems it's about £200 less than best UK price. What would be the drawbacks of this, such as warranty, firmware versions etc?

2. Olympus mft 9-18mm. Great size, unknown performance and, er, not available before I go! Potentially pricey for performance that I expect will be less than Panasonic, but good enough for my level of photography? While it loses 2mm on wide, it gains 4mm on narrow which for me means less lens changing. Worth waiting for but missing the opportunity of the trip?

3. Olympus 4/3 9-18 with adapter. Better pricing, but size is more than Panasonic so I'll probably end up leaving it home more often. Will this even AF with the GH1? Are there any other potential problems with mixing ft with mft?

I know there are other options - eg Sigma 10-20 in 4/3.

Is this about right?

Thanks as always for your thoughts/corrections/answers/recommendations.


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