Gelling the SB-900 for event-photography?

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Re: Gelling the SB-900 for event-photography?

shacharm wrote:


Just ignore these people. Their comments come from insecurity in their own capabilities. They think that hanging on to "secret knowledge" will preserve their market place, as if it was some secret guild. Truly pathetic. They fail to understand that a true professional is always happy to assist others, even if they are less professional than him/herself. There are professionals in different levels and it's always our goal to advance and get to the next one. And EVERY professional makes mistakes. The difference is that true professionals LEARN from their mistakes. Professionals like Joe McNally ( ) and David Hobby ( ) are just two examples of notable professionals (and with all due respect, who ever heard about that Ian?) who have no problem admitting they're making mistakes and learning from them.

It's not in Joe's or David's interest to tell anybody how bad they are or that their results are rubbish as they depend on people spending money with them or their sponsors. They trade by selling knowledge, I don't, so I don't have to pretend to be your friend.

I would imagine that 90% of the population of these forums have quoted Joe McNallys diaries or Strobist 101 at some time, most do - it slips off the tongue like ISL, CTO, HSS and FP mode where the users don't have a clue what they're talking about but the lingo seems to fit in.

As I said, I normally give this imformation away for free, but not this time.

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Samples of work:

Theres only one sun. Why do I need more than one light to get a natural result?

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