How does this commentary relate to Canon's 7D

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Re: That DXOlabs comparison somewhat shows it

I do understand why we have different file sizes now BUT checking the Alamy site they state:

" Uncompressed file sizes of more than 48MB, we recommend that you do not interpolate your files to more than 55MB. This means you should make your JPEG file from an 8 bit TIFF file that is at least 48MB. If you have a camera that is capable of producing an uncompressed 8 bit, TIFF file size of over 48MB then leave it that size."

JPEG's are a compressed format and they are indicate in the above paragraph that the uncompressed TIFF should be at least 48MB and if you can get that out of your camera to leave it at that size and make the JPEG from there...I could be mis-reading it though.

dougdiamond1 wrote:

Has to be an 8bit JPEG at 300 res. I open a CR2 file RAW, full size in ACR and bring it over to PS3 it is 28.8 @ 8bit - 57.6 at 16bit and that is probably what you are seeing. I work in 16bit until I am fully done with the image then switch to 8 bit.

Hope that explains why. I now allow ACR to upsize in the workflow option rather than in PS CS3.

Stock photography by Doug Diamond at Alamy

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