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Re: For Leon: Is a quick format what the camera does?

Leon van Bommel wrote:

I disagree on this. I believe it should be done periodically(not every time you want to empty or format the card) to detect and mark bad blocks.

You may disagree, but CF memory does have an intelligent controller built into the card (it even has SMART). It detects a bad block fine on it's own, there's no need to waste a full write cycle on a full format.

Card manufacturers are notoriously close-mouthed about specifically what technology is used for ECC. I just spend considerable time trying to get answers relating to my Lexar 300x and Sandisk Extreme IV cards. At best, they say Our cards are reliable" or 4x better(than what?) ECC.

Lacking any specific info to make a more informed decision, I prefer the safer approach of checking for bad blocks myself occasionally. Note that I am not telling you or anyone else what you do or don't "need" to do, just sharing my own approach and reasoning.

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