Canon pro9000 II vs. Canon ip4200 IQ?

Started Feb 12, 2010 | Discussions thread
Gohaha New Member • Posts: 24
Canon pro9000 II is clearly better

I have Pro9000II, ip4300, MP600 (same printhead as ip4300), ip4000. ip4300 is slightly better than ip4200 in term of IQ, and ip4500 is slightly better than ip4300.

If you put the prints side by side, the pro9000II output has a lot more fine details and appear sharper. But if you don't compare side by side, probably you won't ask for more from the output of your ip4200.

for current price of pro9000II on the craigslist (abount $200 in my area), it's a no brainer decision. The inks included in the new pro9000II worth $100 by itself.

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