Any "Real World" dust probelm with Mirrorless EVIL? Easier?

Started Feb 18, 2010 | Discussions thread
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Re: Advertising agency control

I've had dust problems with my G1, though the dust is not as intrusive as on my D80, and accumulates much more slowly. I've taken to very gently picking off each piece of dust with a SensorKlear pen. The PhotoSol people say their products (Eclipse and SensorSwabs) are safe to use on the SSWF. I have a message in to the SensorKlear people to see if they have any experience of using their products with these cameras.

Dust seems to get on when I use legacy lenses. Perhaps the dust from these lenses is "stickier" than from normal air entry, or perhaps the adapters become dust chambers that somehow charge the dust. At any rate if I use these lenses for a while, dust that neither the SSWF or a Rocket Blower won't remove shows up.

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