Tilt-swivel LCD Canon 550D? I'm really surprised

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Re: I'm not surprised.

T3 wrote:

People tend to forget that with update cycles of 12 to 18 months for Canon Rebel/XXXD models, Canon needs to save things for future models as opposed to giving everything that everyone could possibly want in one fell swoop. Other manufacturers with significantly smaller market share probably can't afford to hold anything back, but when you've got as much market share as Canon and as fast update cycles as Canon, they have to kind of pace themselves in terms of what features they roll out. In about 18 months (or maybe less), there will be yet another Rebel/XXXD model, and that one may have an tilt-swivel LCD. That's basically Canon's method of operation: constantly putting out newer models with a bit more added each time. But as it is, I doubt the lack of a tilt-swivel LCD on the 550D is going to make much of an impact on its sales. Sure, this strategy might seem very cold, calculated and measured, but that's what has made Canon a very successful and profitable company: they are constantly calculating and measuring just how much they need to deliver in order to reach their sales targets. They don't need to offer a tilt-swivel LCD right now, so they didn't. It's just not a do-or-die issue/feature right now. After all, Sony DSLRs have had tilt-swivel LCDs for a while and that still hasn't made very successful sellers. But eventually, consumers will feel that they absolutely need a tilt-swivel LCD on their DSLR, and not coincidentally Canon will just happen to finally introduce a tilt-swivel LCD on their DSLR to capitalize on this new-found "need". Why fire off your bullets before you need to?

That rationale does not make me want to run out and buy a Canon...um, more like the opposite.

If a new technology or design breakthrough exists that can make my work easier, I want to buy from a manufacturer that has the courage to implement it.

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