Who really LOVES their T1i/500D ?

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Re: Who really LOVES their T1i/500D ?

I really like my T1i. I have taken some great photos with it, and I don't think it would be the limiting factor for most photographers. Only a few times have I felt the camera's limitations. If you are shooting really fast sports or fast moving subjects the auto-focus can be somewhat limiting. The other day I was shooting some sheep dogs. One of the dogs ran almost straight at me at top speed and the camera wasn't able to auto-focus quite fast enough. Other than that I don't really have any gripes about this camera. It will take great pictures if the person behind the lens is capable.

The only reason why I would suggest getting a T2i is if you plan on shooting much video. I have been shooting more video lately with my T1i and I wish it had the video capabilities of the T2i (manual controls, real 1080p, variable frame rates). Other than that the T2i doesn't seem that much better than the T1i.

Some examples below:




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