In-camera processing of long-exposure RAW data

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Re: Example of detail loss and color shift

em_dee_aitch wrote:

jim stirling wrote:

Whilst I am more than happy to bow to both your and Marianne 's superior knowledge of sensors , I do my work in real life scenarios. As with most event type photography I do a lot of my work handheld as the option of using tripods is just not viable. So with regards to my "bad technique" I would be delighted to take advice how exactly it would be possible to get identical back to back images , when the camera is hand held and my subject is alive especially in relation to reflective surfaces.

Jim -

I also shoot weddings, and I was immediately able to think of a real life handheld scenario in which this would effectively flatten the wedding dress. Suppose you are shooting reception/dancing scenes in a dark hall with a 1/4 second exposure and the ambient light under by about 2.5 stops (in other words, using the ambient to fill the background but not as your main light) and then using off camera strobe as your main light (or on camera strobe if you're boring) to hit the people who are the subject matter. In that instance, you would have a solid flash exposure on the subject (such as a bride with wedding dress) capable of yielding full detail, and yet this algorithm would quash it. And that's just the first that came to mind. If you can't figure how this could be an issue even in event work, it's just the limit of your own technique.

If you had read my posts you would have seen that I clearly stated , I have no problem in accepting the validity of the effect. Unless you had identical back to back hand held shots { your technique must indeed be special} the effect is so minimal you would be hard put to identify if a couple of bright highlights were missing from an image such as a wedding dress that may have thousands. The effect does not quash all highlights , as can be clearly seen in the posted 100% examples the effect is subtle. Until you read this thread had you observed this effect in your images , a quick glance through your galleries shows many great images but most of them are processed in a way which would make it impossible to determine this effect. I am not contesting the validity of the data just the relevance.

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