7Hi - Raw vs. Super Fine. Which is better?

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Re: 7Hi - Raw vs. Super Fine. Which is better?

Good Point Dominic,

A lot of folks don't realize that those camera settings are post-processing settings. They are embedded in the RAW file to provide a "default" to DIVU for processing, but they have NO effect on the CCD (image) data in the raw file. They only effect the image data on the camera when you are shooting TIFF or JPEG - since the camera is effectively doing some of the post-processing of the image (bayer interpolation, etc.)

I use this often. I take my raw shots and then play in DIVU with contrast, saturation, and sharpness until I find what I believe to be the best combination. Some images look better sharp - some not. Some look better at high contrast, some at low (although I have tended to prefer lower contrast settings with the D7i).

If I don't have a raw file, the only way to do this is to take the picture multiple times and use bracketing - which again wastes both time and on-camera space. Bracketing is only useable in still-shot work like portraits, landscapes, and macros.


Dominic.Chan wrote:

In addition, RAW is much better for adjusting the key settings:

  • contrast

  • saturation

  • white balance

  • sharpness

Even though similar adjustment can be performed on the
(post-processed) TIFF or JPG, using RAW allows you to essentially
"retake" the pictures with different camera settings.

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