Canon 35mm 1.4 on Canon 7D or Canon 50mm 1.2 on Canon 5D MKII?

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Re: Canon 35mm 1.4 on Canon 7D or Canon 50mm 1.2 on Canon 5D MKII?

I have shot 35 1.4 on 7d, and 5d2, and sigma 50 1.4, on 7d and 5d2.

If the better autofocusing of 7d is not an issue for you, the 5dII with sigma 50 will always be at least as good, and many times superior in image quality. 5dii and 50 will @ 2.2 will give you about same dof, same fov as 35 1.4 on 7d at 1.4. However, it will give you much better resolving power and detail and would print larger. Color and contrast are fantastic on the sigma. I am sure the 50L wil be as good. Noise will be about the same, since 5d2 easily has one stop noise advantage. Of course below f2.2, there is simply no alternative on the crop. so in terms of obaining a shallower dof with the same fov, you have more options with full frame.
that much said, 35 1.4, is an absolutely amazing lens on full frame.

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