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Re: I remember that too

Leonard Migliore wrote:

olstrup wrote:

OT: 50 years ago, radioactive substances were used more freely, for example for lume in watches. Nowadays only tritium gas enclosed in tiny glass tubes (glows all night) or non-radioactive substanes (fades during an hour or so) are allowed for this use. I also remember from my childhood that shoe shops had X-ray machines so the fit of the shoe could be checked (or was it just a novelty to attract costumers?). I remember that I found it very exiting to look down in the box to see the outline of the shoe with my toe bones inside, all clearly vsisble in green light on the flouroscent screen.

Yeah, very exciting: all that X-ray aimed right at children's reproductive organs; one of the bad marketing concepts of all time.

I agree completely. Professionally, I work in a hospital, and I know how careful we are not to subject people to any unnecessary radiation. I too think those X-ray boxes was a terribly bad idea. But still, as a child I found it thrilling to look down into that box. I dion't know of radiation, teratogenic effects and cancer risk at that age - and my mom appearently hadn't read about it either sinche she let me do it.

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