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Re: Not really

LeonXTR wrote:

Since when does Lamborghini makes FSI engines?

Since Lamborghini has access to Audi technology and parts. That doesn't make Audi the designer, nor the maker of the engine.

Engine is stated to be designed by Lambo or the sake of not putting off its fanatic fans(and they have every reason to be fanatic).

Instead of speculating, look up the facts. Audi took over the Lamborghini engineers when it took over Lamborghini, which are the same engineers that developed the V10, with access to Audi technology and parts.

They took the WV(or Audi,its the same)design and improved it in the final stages of testing,since they got more know-how into higher rpm performance.

Audi isn't the same as VW. Just as Ferrari isn't the same as Fiat. A parent company isn't the same as a daughter company. The engine was designed first for the Gallardo as stated above. Audi borrowed large parts of the design from it's daughter company.

As to Philips,it buys its panels from LG,the design is indeed a joint venture but its LG who makes them.

Actually, Philips has a few manufacturing plants (altough they are closing them one by one, last one in Europe is closing this week) but Funai and Elcoteq acquired licenses for production while the patents remain owned by Philips/LG.

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