Bye bye aperture. Hello LR

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Re: Bye bye aperture. Hello LR

Wilmar Boer wrote:

Actually all the RAW editing is done in Photoshop. After saying "Edit in RAW" photoshop opens it's RAW editor and writes an XMP file with a description of the changes. No file content is altered in Bridge. But I agree. Sometimes I don't even open a file in Photoshop because the RAW editor gives al the editing I need.

No, in the workflow I describe, none of the editing happens in Photoshop. There are multiple ways to open a pic in Bridge. You can "Open in Photoshop" or you can "Open in Camera Raw." I was talking about the latter. If you "Open in Camera Raw", Camera Raw opens inside Bridge only. When you are Done, you return to Bridge, not Photoshop. You are editing in Bridge, with Camera Raw...Photoshop never launches. All the RAM Photoshop would have used can be left free for other apps.

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