Is it the artist or the tools... (a bit OT)

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Watched it again...

... and looked up her bio. As far as I'm concerned, she's a true artist, not everyone's going to like her work but she's no "Barbie", not even close (sorry JP, I see a very classy/elegant woman doing a fantastic performance). On top of that, she:

1) has no formal education whatsoever in art
2) only began experimenting with sand painting a year ago
3) entered this particular contest to help a sick kid get an operation
4) used her prize money to buy a house and set up a children's charity
5) has no plans to capitalize on her sudden fame despite international requests

If this girl was American, she'd be on Leno or Oprah by now and striking a music video deal with Simple Simon, but then her sand art presentation would probably have been about college angst or something equally ermmm, painful. Her winnings would go towards a boob job.

True artist with a natural gift. She deserves the spotlight. Sidewalk artists deserve... the sidewalk ;). I'd trade in my gear and never again buy a camera if I had her talent .
~ Martin

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