Quick Question regarding 24mm legacy lens on M4/3

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Re: Quick Question regarding 24mm legacy lens on M4/3

oomomo wrote:

WT21 wrote:

What kind of distortion? People often confuse these things in lenses.

yup, i'm talking about pincushion and barrel distortion...

...and yes the panasonic 20mm is very good but i'm still unsure of the format so i'll think about it first before buying a native lens... for the meantime, a > $100 lens looks good and tempting

I purchased a $30 m42 to m43 adapter, and three Pentax Super Takumar lenses -- 28mm/3.5, 50mm/1.4 and 200mm/4. Each lens was about $30-35. Based on using those three, I think I like the 50mm length the best, though I haven't give up on the other two yet.

I like the idea of playing with the cheap, legacy lenses because now I'm more comfortable considering spending up on a better 50mm.

Good luck on your decision.

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