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No slamming here jjlad - everyone has their price point.

as my email address would have indicated I'm from Australia and been shooting weddings for over 14 years professionally, I have only on 1 occassion had a minister say no flash and no walking up onto alter area (which I wouldn't anyways) until directed to do so. Problem was he failed to tell the congregation no flash, and in a dark church (back in film days) I was close to stuffed.

I quickly learnt to speak up and ask. The next time at this same church and was directed no flash, I politely asked why, the answer surprised me.... "because it takes away from the ceremony all the flashes going off"... when I explained that I would probably only shoot about 20 shots with flash (I was a little better prepared this time) then pointed out that there was about 30 - 40 people out there with cameras with flash units and if they all took 10 shots each that would be 300 - 400 flashes from the people who were NOT getting paid to do a job, he quickly agreed that I was free to shoot what ever I liked and then directed the congregation to not use flash as there was a professional present to take all the official photographs - best bit of advertising by the lord I've ever had

As porfessionals ( getting paid to do the job) you have to learn to ask and speak your mind and remember we are all getting paid (yes you too Ministers) to do a job on the day - as I said before - ITS THE CLIENTS DAY NOT OURS

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