HX1 - panorama without distortions

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harry cannoli
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Martin is absolutely correct..

Marti58 wrote:

chupame wrote:

lots of people will point out the flaws, like grain, color etc.
these people just don´t get it.

people dont get what ? these are valid points the quality is low mentioned by > many.....enough examples on internet can be found which are proving that.

True. Very true. Noise, color shift, optical distortion. These are flaws that affect the quality of the photograph. What? Someone will view your photograph and comment about the noise or some imperfection and you'll say..

"You don't get it."

In photography, the pictures do the talking.

show me another camera who does this shot better in one foto(sweep).

nobody doubts the ease of use....in this aspect its better ...now back to image > quality which is i think the main of Photography.

I agree, it's the same thing here. In photography, the pictures do the talking. The only way sweep pano makes sense is if you're not a gearhead and you don't know how to do a pano any other way. That's just fine. In a situation like that, the only way you'll get a pano is if you let the camera do it. That makes perfect sense, and it's a good thing.


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