TX7 vs. WX1: Many photos.

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Tom Hoots
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TX7 vs. WX1: Many photos.


Well, I've been lurking around for the most part lately, and thinking about what I should do in regards to replacing the WX1 with one of the new Exmor cameras. For instance, should I go for the HX5, even though it doesn't have any "image controls?" Or, should I even dare think about getting the TX7, instead?

Well, I went to my local SonyStyle store a couple of days ago, and played around with the TX7. They allowed me to install my SD card into the camera, and take a bunch of shots around the store, and take them home with me. The results were.... Well, "night and day." After taking a good look, and reading up on as much as I could possibly find, I popped back in today, and picked up a TX7.

In the end, I really don't want a "bigger" camera than the WX1. It's a great, fun little size. I'm not looking for a "compact superzoom." I just want a WX1 with picture quality that's similar to most other cameras that have ever been manufactured on the planet Earth. The TX7 lacks bracketing, which I really like to use, and I could have used the HX5's control over shutter speed to take some long exposure shots, but those were really the only things that I'll miss by getting the TX7 instead of the HX5. And I'll appreciate the TX7's smaller size, every time I put it in my pocket.

Anyway, so I got the "silver" color. I kind of like the "blue so dark it's almost black," but man, that's a shiny devil that shows fingerprints like nothing else, whereas the silver is far more of a "gunmetal gray" -- and it's just not so "shiny" and such a fingerprint magnet like the blue one. As usual, I ran to the car, opened the box, and hoped that there would be enough of a battery charge to take a few shots with -- and plenty of charge there was, as I got 298 shots, without even running it all the way down.

So, let's get to it, shall we? Might as well cut to the chase -- this pair of images says EVERYTHING:



You might quibble over whether the TX7 is completely accurate or not, but the WX1 is absolutely "doing its thing" here: There's just an overall "redness" to the image. It kills the green, it'll kill blue sky, and it'll just suck the life out of any outdoors picture you might try to take. The WX1 is just dull and lifeless, with that redness just giving it an overall "icky" quality that just absolutely ruins everything. The TX7 provides exactly what I want: Actual "vivid" color, and far more accurate color, plus there's a heaping helping of contrast that makes it far more appealing than anything I've ever seen from the WX1.

This is only one pair out of 16 that I've uploaded to one of my Gallery albums, here:


I've uploaded the untouched originals, so go check them out -- and by all means, come on back and let us know what you think!

I could go through a bunch more, but I think I'll leave it here for now -- I'll come on back and talk about a few more pairs, and I'll be glad to answer any questions you may have. But as you look through the pairs, just look for the "redishness" in the WX1 images, and what effect it has on the WX1's overall image quality. It's really that red tint to everything, plus just an overall lack of contrast, that really made the WX1's image quality disappointing to me.

And I'm very happy, so far, with the TX7's image quality. It's just the shot in the arm I was looking for, and it'll be great fun to go out and use some of its features, and have decent image quality, to go along with them. So, stay tuned -- I've got plenty more shots to share with you, and I'll definitely be taking a lot more!

Tom Hoots

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