The quest for the perfect Leica M9, back pack?

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The quest for the perfect Leica M9, back pack?


I've been on one of those typical photographers quests...

I have been searching everywhere for the perfect Leica M(

O'k, I agree, we don't have 'that' much to carry as the M9 isn't as heavy as our forme DSLR's...however, one you add three Leica lens', a flash unit, an extra-battery or two, possibly a Gitzo traveller tripod and the weight begins to dramatically increase, doesn't it?

And, for goodness sakes, I don't want a shoulder bag as I already carry a travel-all carry on, shoulder bag when I travel.

Thus, a back pack would be perfect.

The problem is I want one which would be certain to protect the valued Leica M9 cargo 'inside', as well as, I definitly do not want the back pack to look too much like an photo bag (as in this era of stolen bags and increased crime - who wants to call attention to a back pack - razor cutting slice and run thief, huh?)

I've not found any back pack that even closely meets these above specs.

And,like more and more of us...who must travel in their lives, I don't any longer need to carry the added additional weight of a lap top as there is always a hotel desk top available on arrival, if a computer is needed.

As well as, a variety of download equipment or additonal cards which in my mind, eliminates the need for 'space' for a it is no longer a demand, as it may have been only a few years ago.

Thus, who of you knows of a back pack camera bag which would be a perfect fit to these above I assume, if this is what I am looking for - for my new M9, and the three basic Leica lens, which seem to be a necessity for most Leica M, user's - those of you' who will be soon receiving your M9 willl soon also be seeking something similiar as I've above described.

Your advice, recommendation and opinion is most respectfully encouraged,


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