Equipment, backup equipment and future equipment

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I had some joy digging up your past...

I hate to do it but I had to get some background, look at some of your work... This posts says it all.

ring a bell?

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

FlowLikeWater wrote:

With that said, Im just starting out myself and 80-90% of my competitors do not even have a full frame nor a backup camera. Nor any lenses with a red ring around the front. Like I said, you need to start somewhere. Take risks but 'calculated risks'. Lastly, I did not ask for business advice, so let's just keep it at equipment.

I guess soccermoms on craigslist are your competitors then. It all depends on what price range/quality level you want to be at. Where do you see yourself, your business, in 5 years?

If you just want to compete with the 80-90% you know of now, then fine. If you want to get paid 3 to 5 times more for doing essentially the same thing, then you should be planning for that day. It takes time to get there, to get the skills, branding, business know how and gear.

I very well remember being where you are now - and that's why I'm telling you that gear matters more than you can know at your level. Buy the best, buy it once. Buy lesser gear and you'll find yourself limted by it and then you'll move up to the good stuff eventually, but in the meantime you've lost business, money, time to develop, etc.

I can prove in numbers (for that calculated risk you speak of) that spending $25,000 now (and paying interest) and buying all L, etc is going to put more money in your pocket vs buying it piecemeal over 3 or 4 years. Your choice. You can re=invent the wheel if you want, or learn from those that have been there done that. It's your time and money not mine.

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