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Re: TZ7 - video restrictions

BigBarney wrote:

2. Restrict yourself to maximum 15 minute video clips and then splice them together in software if you want to do some editing. This is no great hardship as few of us shoot video, even of our kids, longer than 15 minutes at a time.

I agree. 15 minutes is an age in film-making terms, even if you have some weirdo "art-house" production in mind.

When I had a clockwork Standard 8mm camera, the maximum possible running time was 30 seconds.... but then there was only 1 minute 45 seconds max of film per load without turning the reel over to get the other 1 minute 45 seconds!

We still managed to make films.... the average shot-length being 7 seconds, but was cut faster (done shorter) if you wanted to add pace. Rarely was anything shot so long as 15 seconds, without some sort of cut-away, or cut on action.

Note: There are probably something like 24 shots per 10 seconds in a typical "punchy" TV ad, these days, so if you do a 15 minute shot we are talking about something so slow it will be GLACIAL! Seriously.

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If you know somebody who could be this man, please put him in touch with me. Thank you.

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