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I am spoilt by having my own place but the drive is 5 hours, and time is always a problem. I have just returned and it was a good weekend but the heat was unbearable, the temp in the day was 42 degrees and 38 degrees at night, no power in the bungalow and you suffer in silence.

I reached the gate at 21.00 hours. We meet a guy coming out of the main gate his car is wrecked, he say's a Water buffalo jumped on top of his car about 1.5km up the road, I don’t really believe him more likely speeding and crashed into the buffalo and the animal decided to take out his anger on the vehicle.

My photography is weak, so night photography from my car is a No-No; within the first 5Km we encountered a Rhino (white) in the road and a small herd of Buffalo. I decide, let me get my camera out the back of the car, as I open the back (the darkness is deafening) a large male elephant runs out reminding me that I should be in the car and not out. I get my camera and I drive for about another 5 km in the middle of the road are 3 juvenile male lions (they do not look healthy). They refused to move so I could pass, I eventually drive slightly through the bush to get around them.

I then encounter a large herd of buffalo, I decide to take a picture next thing it was pandemonium as the buffalo decided he was going to give my car a work over., luckily an automatic, hit the accelerator camera flung to the back and we now had some distance from the fired up buffalo about 2 km , turned to my friend from Sweden and said all we need now is a leopard and we can go home , we had to wait till Sunday morning when we spotted one in the tree near the bungalow.

I will post some pictures in my gallery but I am really battling with exposure, bright sunlight and dark animals are giving me a major headache.

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