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Re: S10 - tried it but won't keep it

andrewteee wrote:

It is extremely easy to change units, but the camera settings don't change from unit to unit. What worked for the A12 does not mean it will work for the S10, so I kept having to change settings with each unit change. I have not used the My settings yet. Still, it would be optimum if the camera saved the settings for each unit and reset them to how the camera was set up the last time a particular unit was used.

Hi Andrew, I think there is a solution to that:

Page 150 of the manual says: Start Settings Readout

When the camera turns off, the settings are saved both in camera body and camera unit.
Choose the destination to read out the settings from Body or Camera Unit.

This means (I guess) that if you select 'camera unit' (confusing terms...) you should get the settings that are related to the module/ lens. The manual is not very clear on which settings are effected and I have not been able to find it out myself (I have been struggling with it so to say..., and I am even not sure if this setting is implement (yet) the way the way I think it should be.

It would be handy to have a kind of conversion chart to match the output of the module (setting x on the A12 visually equals setting y on the S10). Changing lens units often requires too much brain power since it is more than simply swapping lenses, it IS swapping cameras. That is why I too keep the A12 attached to the camera most of the times.

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