Anyone has experience with SB-8a and SB900?

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Re: Anyone has experience with SB-8a and SB900?

Thanks Almari.

almari wrote:

shacharm wrote:

Thanks Almari. Did you have a chance to compare performance of the SB900 with SD9 to SD-8A? I assume that with 8 batteries it will hold a little longer - I'm just curious if it would recycle faster (or a lot faster) as well?

Since we already have three SD-8a packs - there doesn't seem a reason right now to buy a $200 battery pack.

But I do know that the SD-9 operates differently than the SD-8a. The SD-9 with it's 8 batteries has two separate circuits so on the first flash - it is using circuit #1 with four batteries and then on the next flash it uses circuit #2 with the other four batteries. It maintains it recycle speed by giving four batteries a "rest" on every other shot.

The SD-8a uses all six batteries on every shot.

For the above reasons - the SD-8a can be used with both the SB800 AND the SB900 flashes, but the SD-9 can only be used with the SB900.

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