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Re: That's a coating issue

nick_webster wrote:

Film lenses tended not to have coatings on rear elements as the film didn't reflect much light back at the lens. Modern lenses have coatings to minimise the effect of light coming back from the sensor.

All the light "bounce" ( for want of a better technical term ) will do is reduce contrast, not prevent lenses from resolving detail. Unless of course the detail is of low enough contrast that it would be swamped by the reduction of contrast.

The other issue for sensors vs film is, of course, the angle of the light reaching the recording medium. Digital sensors need more perpendicular light than film in order to avoid vignetting etc. For 4/3 sensors and normal/telephoto lenses this isn't much of an issue as the light is already coming in quite perpendicular. It is an issue for wide angle lenses which is why Leica have used offset microlenses on their sensors.


When Four Three was introduced, Olympus said that the lenses would be telecentric. Doing so adds to cost and weight, but increases light and provides straight light for the sensor. And the tighter the sensors are packed in, the more critical it is that the light comes in straight. As you know, film is less sensitive about the direction from which light comes

However with M43 (MFT) there has been discussion about whether the new lenses are telecentric. Panasonic said that because you could only view the images through the sensor (not optically) the previous need for optical purity that DSLRs needed was no longer critical. While there has been talk of telecentricity with m43, I doubt its nearly as important as it used to be.

I wonder perhaps, whether film lenses might perform better with MFT rather than they did with straight Four Thirds cameras? It has also been said that the coming back lit-sensors will further lower the need for telecentric lenses. I suspect that all these non reflex, non optical viewing cameras will not require optically pure lenses nearly as much as DSLR did. Ironically perhaps the old lens are a benefitting from that fact when used on MFT?

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