Experienced D-90 owners...what works best for you now???

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Re: Experienced D-90 owners...what works best for you now???

Mark Kneen wrote:

Don't try and get the image right in camera. Shoot RAW and post process in lightroom using adobe D90 camera profiles.

If you do this, remember to switch off active D lighting, I found it really can make it tricky to post process in anything other than Nikon software, getting really dull images. You can do exactly what ADL does, and more, in a decent RAW converter such as lightroom.

Quick ISO setting is very handy

I use the function (Fn) button to change the auto-focus area mode


What do you mean by " don't try and get the image right in camera "

I can use all modes , but mostly use P and exp comp , not blowing the highlights is most important . shadow I can handle with PP
-0.7 is set for all shots ,
for landscapes with bright sky its often lower
6 lenses but Tokina 12-24 is what I use most .
2 x wireless off camera flash , manual setting for them
Picture control = std most of the time
I do have several custom picture controls , I use

JPEG cant be stuffed with RAW , tried it and cant see any difference in final print
I use CS3
D90 is very easy to use

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