xxMP wars are Ridiculous - And here's why...

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Thomas Sapiano Senior Member • Posts: 1,778
Re: makes too much sense :-)

Sadly, you're probably right I guess this is just another reason we should be rooting for Kodak - none of this messed up Japanese politics!

Now, all I need is a Kodak DCS 6nx and I can forget about any D2s

Eamon Hickey wrote:

Your suggested strategy makes a lot of practical sense. But it
doesn't fit Nikon's personality very well. Or at least it doesn't
fit their old personality. (I worked for Nikon Inc. for eight years
as a sales and technical rep, so I have some (sometimes bitter)
experience with their "corporate personality", if you will.) Nikon
just doesn't like to concede that they could use the help of anyone
else -- they see it as an admission of weakness or inadequacy. It's
an aspect of the "not invented here" syndrome, and Nikon's got a
bad case of that syndrome. Nikon also firmly believes that no one
else can do cameras and lenses as well as they can.(Nikon is not
unique in these ways. Many Japanese companies have the same
characteristics -- Sony is a prime example but Canon has it, too --
but so do lots of non-Japanese companies. Leica, Mercedes, Apple
all leap immediately to mind.) Arrogance is another word for it.

That said, I was quite surprised to see that Nikon is apparently --
the reports aren't entirely clear yet -- custom-making the 14n
body, or parts of the body, for Kodak. That's really unusual for
Nikon and shows a level of maturity that surprises me. (Funny to
say that about a company that's been around since 1917.)

Nikon had a bumpy relationship with Kodak during the mid to late
90s, and -- whether as a result of that or not -- there was a 2-3
year period when the top Kodak DCS camera for newspapers was
available in EOS mount only. That was the DCS 520. It was the first
really practical digital SLR for news shooters, and it caused a lot
of Nikon newspapers to begin investing in Canon lenses and a few
DCS 520 bodies. If the camera hadn't cost $20,000, Nikon might have
been sunk in the news and sports market. (The D1's introduction in
late 1999, of course, changed everything, reversing the dominance
of the DCS 520 and, in fact, causing lots of Canon newspapers to
switch to Nikon, but that's another story.)

Anyway, maybe Nikon learned something from the DCS 520 experience
(which was painful -- I was working for Nikon then and experienced
the pain firsthand.) A 14-megapixel studio camera with a Nikon lens
mount can only help them right now, no matter who makes it.

But I won't be surprised if Nikon competes in that market in the
future. I'm sure they believe they can make a better camera than
Kodak. I personally am not so sure of that, since the things that
make a portrait and studio camera nice to use -- software
especially -- aren't the same things that make a good news and
sports camera, which Nikon clearly is good at. But we'll see, I

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