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S10 - tried it but won't keep it

I tried the S10, but I'm going to return it. It is not a bad lens/sensor, and the GXR/S10 is very compact and easy to use, but after the A12, Olympus EP2 and Sigma DPs it's hard to go back to small sensors. My tolerance for them has decreased with the new crop of compact large sensor cameras. I had planned to use the S10 as my compact zoom for random and family snaps.

There were a couple of others points too:

Interestingly, I found myself using the S10 primarily at 28mm, and I already have the GRD3. After only using the A12 it was nice to have wide angle options on the GXR. My wish is that the next large sensor GXR unit is a wide angle.

It is extremely easy to change units, but the camera settings don't change from unit to unit. What worked for the A12 does not mean it will work for the S10, so I kept having to change settings with each unit change. I have not used the My settings yet. Still, it would be optimum if the camera saved the settings for each unit and reset them to how the camera was set up the last time a particular unit was used.

Having used two units I now get the unit design concept. IMO it really works since it does allow you to truly mix and match unlike any other camera out there. If i had more tolerance for the small sensors the A12/S10 would make a great pair and perfect for travel.

I also tried the GF1 flash. It worked really well, but was going to be used primarily with the S10, so it's going back too.

I'll use my EP2 as my family cam, and use the GXR/A12 and Sigma DP cameras for work where my main concern is IQ.

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