*** Challenge #95 - RESULTS ***

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*** Challenge #95 - RESULTS ***

Not a lot of entries in this one, but some really good ones. It's interesting to see what kinds of series you put together. So let me start by saying thank you for participating. I think all of you you got the concept, and some were very well executed.

I didn't say much throughout the challenge, but what I was looking for was a very strong single or series of images that told me about you. With a few entries, I found some really good images and a last one thrown in that, for me, really did not complete the series in a satisfying way. There were also some that, though incredibly meaningful to the photographer, didn't connect with the viewer in as strong a way. I think it is important for all of us to really think about the narrative we are creating with our images. It will help you better hone in on a great image instead of just a good one.

So here goes. Your top 10.

Number 10: phipop

Phillipe, the theme of motion and transportation you carried through this series works really well. I understand the story you are telling and the identical crop size on each of these strengthens the series. Although I did not mention sizing and crop dimensions in the original challenge, it is an important element in creating series like these.

Number 9: A. Cary - Take a Hike

Being a hiker myself, I really connected with this series. Although the theme is pretty obvious from your title, and other than the portrait orientation, I would have liked to see stronger ties between the images as they are very different. Not that I want repetetive images, but you may see what I mean further down this thread.

Number 8: alexring - My Story

Alex, your images are always a joy to look at and I have seen a couple of these before and am always impressed. Now you say this might be easy to interpret, but I am having a hard time with the last image and perhaps it is because I am such a fan and know many of your stories already. So I am seeing here someone leaving, and leaving you alone. That last image gives me the impression of an outsider looking in on a memorable childhood moment. The only problem I have with the series is that I am having a hard time tying in the last image. It is different in tone, colour and feel from the others so it causes me some confusion. I'd love to hear your story about these images.

Number 7: sukotin

I like the treatment you have given your images and the series is a touching one. I am not sure of the ordering on the series. I am gong to assume that the photo pf the young girl is someone who is lost to you, and the young boy is the new generation carrying on the family line. I think you have the beginnings of a strong series here, but I'd like to see something more compelling as far as imagery. I can see you have the connections in your heart .... you need to help the viewer a little more in finding an appreciating those connections.

Number 6: raddad - the long kiss goodbye

Now here's an image that is strong, but made that way by the title alone. Regardless, it touched me and that is why I chose it for the top ten. As an image, without a title, I don't think it would have caused as much of an emotional reaction.

The top 5 will be revealed in the next post.

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