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Re: Ceiling bounce makes for ugly, ugly eye shadows

thanks for suggestions. I have to look into David's stuff..

with a stofen diffuser, you don't really get the racoon eyes.

DotCom Editor wrote:

FlowLikeWater wrote:

Most of the time I'm happy to bounce the flash off ceilings, with a stofen omnibounce. The 420ex is more than enough really. Distance is not an issue.

You get racoon eyes with ugly shadows when you bounce off a ceiling.

First, you need more flashes. I use a 580EXII on my camera with the external battery pack. I also have five more of these flashes, each with an external battery pack. One is a spare. The other four are sometimes set up around the reception hall, clamped to various surfaces, etc., to provide fill -- depending on the particular venue. If I bounce them off a ceiling, I don't point them straight up, but rather angle each, so the light bounces horizintally, not just vertically. There'a a Pocket Wizard receiver on each. And you need a bunch of Justin clamps, too. I've seen other photogs do this, but power up even more by using a Quantum Turbo as the external battery. You can take a billion shots on one charge (well, almost).

Of course, to get proper showdowless lighting that wraps around your bride, you need a flash mounted on a monopod with a diffuser, such as a shoot-through umbrella. And this needs to be carried and held high by your assistant, who needs to know where to stand, how to feather the light, how to read the shadows on the subjects' faces, etc. I plan to upgrade the pole light to a full Quantum rig next year.

Check out David Ziser's videos about wedding lighting. I learned an enormous amount from him, and I've been shooting weddings (on an off) for more than 30 years.

Today's bottom line for you: One spare flash is not enough, and you need to power up to shorten flash recycle time.

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