Need to replace an Epson 2200. Suggestions?

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Re: Need to replace an Epson 2200. Suggestions?

MrPhotoBob wrote:

The Epson 2880 does use roll paper, I just purchased the Epson 2880 today and there is equipment for roll paper. It does a really fantastic job on printing, I am just going to have to get use to the new settings, they are much different than the settings that I was using on the Epson 2200 and 1800. Although I am replacing the Epson 2200 with the 2880, I will have to keep the 2200 around because Inkpress does not have all of their papers that are profiled for the 2200 profiled for the 2880. It requires you to use such as the profile for Epson Premium Luster on their Luster paper and I really do not like working like that, I wish to use the profile that is created for their paper and not use a profile that will be close to the profile for their paper.

Someone from the Inkpress company must of read what I typed, my profiles were e-mailed to me last night.

Rob Kircher wrote:

Thanks everyone for the suggestions. The 2880 looks like the replacement for my needs. It's a bummer that it no longer uses roll paper but the larges I usual print is 13x19 so its not a big deal.

Anyone have any idea what its like with the consumables? I've found that the 2200 is pretty expensive to maintain. Is the 2880 comparable or better on this account?

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